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Tell Us Which TV Moment You Absolutely Love, But Not A Lot Of People Talk About

We don't celebrate Peyton and Jake from One Tree Hill enough.

There are a TON of iconic TV moments that we talk about all of the time.

But is there a TV moment you think is criminally underrated and deserves to be celebrated more?

Perhaps out of all of Jim's pranks on The Office, you loved when he filled Dwight's phone with nickels and you wish people talked about it more.

Maybe everyone is constantly talking about Jack, Rebecca, and the Big Three from This Is Us, but you believe some of Beth's moments deserve some love.

Perhaps everyone loves all of Klaus and Caroline's scenes from The Vampire Diaries, but your favorite moment was actually between Klaus and Camille on The Originals.

Heck, maybe your favorite moment is even from an underrated series, like when James proclaimed that he was a Derry girl on Derry Girls.

So tell us which underrated TV moment you love and WHY in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!