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17 Side-By-Side Pictures That Show The Original Names Of These Iconic TV Shows

Can you guess which show was almost called Six of One?

1. Friends was originally titled Six of One — the name changed after the pilot was already filmed.

2. Originally, This Is Us was titled 36 — the name of the show changed after creator Dan Fogelman pitched the project as a "show about us."

3. New Girl was originally named Chicks and Dicks — in fact, Zooey Deschanel almost didn't read the script with the original title.

4. Grey's Anatomy was originally named Surgeons — this was even the title Shonda Rhimes used when she pitched the series.

5. Stranger Things was originally titled Montauk — the show was also supposed to be set in New York.

6. Before being named The Big Bang Theory, the series was originally titled Lenny, Penny, and Kenny — originally Sheldon was named Kenny, so once his name changed, so did the title.

7. Seinfeld was originally titled The Seinfeld Chronicles — one of the reasons the title was shortened was so that it wasn't confused with the short-lived series The Marshall Chronicles.

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was almost called Slayer — Joss Whedon reportedly wanted the show to simply be Slayer to distinguish it from the movie version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

9. Saturday Night Live was originally called NBC's Saturday Night — the original name was to distinguish it from the ABC series Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell, which was already airing.

10. One of the original titles for That '70s Show was Teenage Wasteland — eventually it was renamed That '70s Show because Fox believed viewers would ask their friends, "Did you see that '70s show?"

11. Lizzie McGuire was originally called What's Lizzie Thinking? — you can even spot the original title on the slate in some bloopers for the series.

12. Charmed was originally titled House of Sisters — the original name was used in order to prove that the series was about sisterhood first, magic second.

13. One Tree Hill was originally named Ravens — the name eventually changed when the project became a TV show instead of a movie.

14. Saved By the Bell was originally titled Good Morning, Miss Bliss — the series used the original name for 13 episodes and it's considered the first season of the Saved By the Bell series we all know and love.

15. Before it was titled Lost, the series was originally called Nowhere — the name eventually changed once J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof were brought on to develop the project.

16. Full House was originally called House of Comics — the original series concept was about two comedians living in a house together, but the network wanted something more family-oriented.

17. And finally, Wizards of Waverly Place was originally titled The Amazing O'Malleys — the original pilot focused on a family that owned a magic shop.