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    21 TV Show Facts About Actors Showing Up To Set For Their First Days Of Work

    No one knew what accent Moira Rose was going to have until Catherine O'Hara arrived on set for her first day.

    1. First, Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page's first day on set for Bridgerton — and Phoebe's first scene as Daphne — was when Daphne and Simon have sex in the library.

    Daphne and Simon kissing in the library on "Bridgerton"

    2. And Claudia Jessie and Nicola Coughlan's first day on Bridgerton included filming a scene outside where Nicola was holding a dog and wearing heels. Nicola ended up falling over three times, AND the scene didn't even make the final cut.

    3. While filming the first episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith would actually mouth everyone else's lines in the scenes that he was in, and this continued throughout Season 1.


    In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion on HBO Max, both Tatyana Ali and Karyn Parsons remembered Will doing this with their lines in the pilot episode. And Will recalled that he learned everybody's lines in the pilot because it was his first time "doing dialogue."

    4. Before production moved to Georgia for the rest of the series, The Vampire Diaires filmed the pilot in Vancouver, and Kat Graham said that it was "freezing" while she was filming some of her first scenes outside.

    The CW

    Kat recalled filming the pilot, saying, "[Steven R.] McQueen and I would hang out in a truck in between setups so we didn't freeze to death. I also remember paparazzi hanging outside our hotel, which I'd never experienced during a filming of any pilot."

    5. In order to bond during their first days of filming, the Friends cast would play poker and just get to know one another — this even inspired the Season 1 episode "The One With All the Poker."

    The cast of "Friends" playing poker

    6. During Camilla Luddington's first day on Grey's Anatomy for Season 9, Sandra Oh welcomed her by going to her trailer and blasting opera.


    7. No one knew what Moira's accent was going to sound like until Catherine O'Hara filmed her very first scene on Schitt's Creek.

    Moira in the pilot screaming about packing her wigs and saying, "My very soul has been kidnapped"
    Pop / CBC

    "I remember being so thrown off by it because it’s this vaguely European accent that has no origin and yet is from everywhere," Dan Levy said. "I remember really having to hide my enjoyment of it and actually do my job as an actor, as a kid who has been around this accent for his whole life."

    8. Emilia Clarke's first day on set featured her almost falling off a horse in Belfast — she actually yelled, "Please stop filming!"

    HBO / Via

    She said that she started crying shortly after and has never forgotten it.

    9. And Maisie Williams' first day on set involved flicking the pigeon pie at Sophie Turner during one of their first scenes together.

    HBO / Via

    10. How to Get Away With Murder creator Pete Nowalk knew that Viola Davis was going to take the show to new heights when she filmed the moment in the pilot when Annalise yells at Wes in the lecture hall.

    Annalise telling Wes, "Think, Mr. Gibbins. It's nothing more than common sense"

    Pete said, "She did it with such love. It was so mean, but I was like, 'Who is this person? She's going to teach me everything about storytelling.'"

    11. Also, during the early days of filming HTGAWM, the first thing Viola told Pete was that she wanted to take off her wig in the first season. So that's how the iconic moment was born.

    Annalise looking at the mirror and wiping her makeup off

    Viola recalled the conversation, saying, "If I take off my wig, then you have to deal with the shit that you see underneath it, that you have to write that. Not write the tight ass and the sex scenes — you have to write the real woman."

    12. While filming the Modern Family pilot, Julie Bowen was pregnant with twins, so Claire was always hiding behind laundry or another character in the first episode.

    Claire in the pilot on "Modern Family" hiding behind a wall and holding a laundry basket

    13. And right after filming the pilot of Modern Family, Ed O'Neill called Eric Stonestreet and told him that he had seen the finished episode and said, "It's fantastic. Honestly. If this show doesn't go 10 years, I don't know what the hell I'm doing in this business."

    Ron Tom / ABC / Getty Images

    From that moment on, Eric believed that the show was going to go places because Ed thought so.

    14. One of the hardest scenes to shoot in the Gilmore Girls pilot was when Sookie is running through the kitchen. It had to be perfectly choreographed because it was actually a reshoot.

    Sookie cooking in her kitchen during the pilot
    Warner Bros.

    Originally, the pilot was filmed with Alex Borstein as Sookie, but she had to be replaced after Mad TV wouldn't let her out of her contract. So when Melissa McCarthy stepped in, all of the scenes had to be perfectly re-created to match the rest of the episode.

    15. The first scenes filmed for Killing Eve were when Villanelle is in Tuscany and we see her first kill. Prior to filming this episode, Jodie Comer went through a lot of training because Villanelle would be doing a lot of fighting and climbing.

    Villanelle scaling a wall and then popping out of a suitcase
    BBC America

    "I'd never done stunts before for any job," Jodie recalled. "So I was already pretty terrified because I'm such a clumsy person."

    16. Misha Collins was super "nervous" when he was filming his first episode of Supernatural. In fact, they filmed his scene multiple times, and the note he got from the director was, "Try not to make him [Castiel] so spooky."

    Castiel telling Dean, "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition"
    The CW

    Misha had a lot of freedom when crafting Castiel, so it took a minute to figure out who he wanted Castiel to be.

    17. During the first weeks that Lost was filmed, there was intense rain in Hawaii. While they were filming the moment when they find the plane's cockpit, there was actually a flash flood and some of the filming equipment got washed away.


    The crew actually had to go buy "as many hair dryers" as they could find in order to dry out the lighting equipment before filming started again.

    18. The first scene that Josh Holloway ever filmed for Lost was when Sawyer gives his big speech about having a gun after he kills the polar bear on the island.


    Originally, Josh didn't use an accent when playing Sawyer. So halfway through filming this scene, J.J. Abrams pulled Josh aside and said to add the accent in.

    19. When filming began on The Haunting of Hill House, they immediately began to practice for "Two Storms," the episode that consists only of five takes.


    In fact, The Haunting of Hill House sets were built with Episode 6 in mind.

    20. In order to keep the Green Arrow suit a secret while they were filming the Arrow pilot, Stephen Amell had to walk around the set with "like four coats on."

    The CW

    The crew and director wanted to make sure that no one saw the suit before the pilot aired.

    21. And finally, Dianna Agron only got the role of Quinn Fabray on Glee a day before the pilot started filming.


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