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    13 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Talking About

    Katherine Langford wielding a sword!

    MASSIVE spoilers ahead! And there are mentions of sexual assault in #9.

    1. First, Cursed started streaming on Netflix this week. The show is a reimagining of the King Arthur legend and follows Nimue as she sets out on a journey with Arthur to find Merlin and deliver a powerful and ancient sword.

    Devon Terrell as Arthur and Katherine Langford as Nimue

    2. Also on Cursed, we have to give a shoutout to Katherine Langford, who was totally badass as Nimue, especially when she rose from the lake and killed a bunch of Red Paladins.

    Nimue fighting the Red Paladins in the lake

    3. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., while dealing with a time loop, Jemma's chip was finally removed and she was able to save everyone, but Enoch sadly had to sacrifice himself in the process.

    Enoch taking out his heart and telling Jemma, "I would like to think Fitz would do the same for me. I would like to think all of you would"

    4. Also on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daisy and Sousa finally shared their first kiss and it was simply adorable.

    Daisy telling Sousa,  "I need you to do something for me" and then kissing him

    5. On Stargirl, Henry was shockingly killed by his own father after he helped Stargirl and the rest of her team escape the Injustice Society.

    6. Also on Stargirl, Barbara dealt with learning that Courtney is Stargirl and refused to believe that Starman was her father — she even sent an email to Court's supposed father and he responded?!?

    Barbara sending an email to Courtney's supposed dad saying they need to talk and that they are in Blue Valley again

    7. On Perry Mason, Della shockingly found E.B. after he died by suicide, but Della and Perry made it look like he died of natural causes in order to preserve his reputation.

    8. On I May Destroy You, Arabella got a job at "Happy Animals." However, after realizing the company only hired her because she is Black, she posted a memorable video resigning.

    Arabella live on Happy Animals Instagram saying, "The climate crisis is real, my hair is not, and I love chicken"

    9. Also on I May Destroy You, Kwame opened up to Terry about his sexual assault and he agreed to finally tell Arabella what has been going on too.

    Terry and Kwame talking in a bathtub

    10. On Little Voice, Bess reflected on all of the opportunities Louie has been denied simply for being autistic after he was fired from his dream job as an usher.

    Bess looking at Louie as they ride the subway throughout the years

    11. The Alienist returned with Season 2 this week. The new season, entitled Angel of Darkness, follows Sara as she opens her own detective agency, leads a brand-new case, and reunites with Dr. Kreizler and John.

    Daniel Bruhl, Dakota Fanning, and Luke Evans in The Alienist Season 2

    12. On P-Valley, Uncle Clifford revealed to Mercedes how bad his finances really are as it became clear that there was a real chance he could lose the club.

    Uncle Clifford being handed money

    13. And finally, on the series finale of Blindspot, Jane ended up dying after she refused to take another dose of a cure because her hallucinations were helping her stop Ivy.

    Jane collapsing and then being zipped into a body bag

    What were your favorite TV moments this week? And what shows should we be watching this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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