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23 Times The Cast Of "Stranger Things" Was Adorable Offscreen In 2017

When Hawkins A.V. Club continued to be the very definition of squad goals.

1. When they started the year off being adorable after they won a SAG Award:

2. When Gaten Matarazzo and Joe Keery became your favorite dynamic duo both onscreen and off:

3. And when Joe took his babysitting duties very seriously:

Gonna miss our reservation at @IHOP had this #res for months hope the don’t #giveaway r seat. #hurry #hotcakes

Twitter: @joe_keery / Via Twitter: @joe_keery

4. When Millie Bobby Brown recapped the entire first season with an insane rap on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon:

5. When the boys were on The Late Late Show With James Corden and became a Motown supergroup:

6. When David Harbour noticed the uncanny resemblance between his younger self and Joe:

7. And even better when he noticed THIS similarity:

8. When Shannon Purser, aka Barb, surprised the entire cast at San Diego Comic-Con by pretending to be a fan asking a question:

9. When the entire cast SLAYED on the red carpet in their Emmy Awards outfits:

10. When David took a moment to enjoy the fact that he gets to act alongside Winona freaking Ryder:

11. When Hawkins A.V. Club continued to be the very definition of squad goals:

12. When Finn Wolfhard and Joe showed off these adorable puppies:

13. When Natalia Dyer and Finn had no problem acting like siblings offscreen:

14. When Noah Schnapp and Millie spent every free moment together:

15. When they all enjoyed an adorable dance break in the makeup trailer:

16. When Millie and Sadie Sink, aka Max, became BFFs IRL:

17. Even after spending literally all of their time together, they’re still not sick of each other:

18. When the boys traveled to faraway places together:

19. When they showed off their killer dance moves:

20. When these three were the most adorable group at the Golden Globes:

21. When they had nothing but love, support, and respect for each other:

Winona, Cara, Gaten, Millie, Caleb, Finn, Sean, Dacre, Charlie, Natalia, Joe, Paul, John, Rob, Brett, Noah, Sadie, Linnea, Susan So proud😊

Twitter: @DavidKHarbour / Via Twitter: @DavidKHarbour

22. When they took the time to appreciate their adoring fans:

23. And finally, when we watched the coolest crew on TV grow up right in front of us:

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