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    Once Again, Everyone's Sobbing Over "The Last Of Us," So Here Are 33 Of The Best Tweets About Episode 7

    Bella Ramsey and Storm Reid delivered powerful and award-worthy performances in a The Last of Us episode that, once again, made everyone sob — even after the episode was over.

    🚨 There are MASSIVE — and I mean MASSIVE — spoilers ahead for The Last of Us Episode 7! 🚨

    Well, here we are again. The Last of Us Episode 7 — titled "Left Behind" and directed by Liza Johnson and written by Neil Druckmann — was another emotionally draining episode of TV, to say the least.

    Ellie and Riley on a carousel

    This week's episode, which was bookended by Ellie (Bella Ramsey) trying desperately to save Joel (Pedro Pascal) after he was stabbed in Episode 6, was a flashback-heavy episode where Ellie was dragged to a mall for a night of fun by Riley (Storm Reid), who has joined the Fireflies, before she leaves for an Atlanta QZ.

    Ellie telling Riley not to go, and then they kiss

    Of course, this is The Last of Us, so all of the happy moments shared between Ellie and Riley quickly turned heartbreaking when both of them were bitten by an infected.

    Riley telling Ellie they can just be "all poetic and shit" and lose their minds together

    So to express their love for this latest episode, fans — like me — and the cast took to Twitter to make some amazing jokes and memes and simply give some A+ commentary. Here's a look at some of the best tweets about The Last of Us, Episode 7:

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    Storm Reid / Via Twitter: @stormreid


    👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 #TheLastOfUs

    Twitter: @BellaRamsey


    “We can be all poetic and just lose our minds together.” 🫶🏾 #TheLastOfUs #LeftBehind

    Yaani King / HBO / Naughty Dog / Via Twitter: @YaaniKing

    Yaani provided the voice and motion capture for Riley in the video game.


    me knowing that this is one of the very few times ellie has ever been happy #thelastofus

    @kotakill / A24 / Via Twitter: @kotakill



    @musicalgroot / Bernie Sanders / Via Twitter: @musicalgroot


    the chemistry between bella ramsey and storm reid is SO GOOD #TheLastOfUsHBO

    @caitlyns_vi / HBO / Via Twitter: @caitlyns_vi


    objectively it’s incredibly romantic // we can just be poetic and shit and lose our minds together #TheLastOfUs

    @filmsbyzoe / HBO / Via Twitter: @filmsbyzoe


    "You mattered to me first." #TheLastofUs

    @IconicNephilim / HBO / Via Twitter: @IconicNephilim


    Riley: “We can just be poetic and lose are minds together” *plays the left behind score* Me: #TheLastOfUs

    @Scoby20 / HBO / Via Twitter: @Scoby20


    that infected Waking up and seeing Ellie and Riley #tlou

    @jedikamino / Netflix / Via Twitter: @jedikamino


    no thoughts just ellie doing the 😄 after kissing a girl #TheLastOfUs

    @buckspider / HBO / Naughty Dog / Via Twitter: @buckspider


    bella ramsey as ellie looking at storm reid as riley in this the last of us scene is what really sent me over the edge

    Nora Dominick / HBO / Via Twitter: @noradominick


    Twitter: @lexiescarina


    that one clicker waiting outside the room #TheLastOfUs #TheLastOfUsHBO

    @odetomiller / Focus Features / Via Twitter: @odetomiller


    me as a kid (i’m a lesbian) trying to walk past victoria’s secret without looking at the lingerie #TheLastOfUs

    @bitseventimes / HBO / Via Twitter: @bitseventimes


    the acting. THE ACTING. im gonna get storm and bella all the awards JUST WATCH ME there’s tears streaming down my face THEY’RE SO INSANE FOR BEING THIS GOOD #thelastofus

    @ellievjoel / HBO / Via Twitter: @ellievjoel


    Storm Reid’s performance as Riley in #thelastofus is FUCKING EPIC!!!!!!

    Twitter: @DakotaRedditt


    The fact they had these scenes back to back!!! The Parallels 😭😭 #THeLastofUs

    @DomTheBombYT / HBO


    Can we all just applaud @BellaRamsey for her spectacular performance tonight??!!?!?!?!!! Holy shit!!!! They got everything right! And also I can’t forget @stormreid either!! Fucking amazing!!! #TheLastOfUs #TheLastOfUsHBO #TLOU #Ellie #Riley

    @katie__kate_ / HBO / Via Twitter: @katie__kate_


    joel holding ellie’s hand. crying sobbing. he was glad she didn’t leave him there and this little action means so much #TheLastOfUs

    @scarletdanvvers / HBO / Via Twitter: @scarletdanvvers


    joel intertwining his fingers with ellie’s and squeezing her hand to let her know that he’s grateful that she came back for him even though he told her not to….they mean everything to me #TheLastOfUs

    @wrathsemilia / HBO / Via Twitter: @wrathsemilia


    i think bella ramsey should win every award for their portrayal of ellie simply for nailing the lesbian pining like it’s crazy how well he got it down #TheLastOfUs

    @MRST3ACH / HBO / Via Twitter: @MRST3ACH


    @Targ_Nation / HBO / Via Twitter: @Targ_Nation


    when they showed ellie being desperate to save joels life because she remembered how she lost riley and she cant lose another loved one again #TheLastOfUs

    @odairkns / ABC / Via Twitter: @odairkns


    #thelastofus SPOILERS - - - - - when ellie saw the escalator

    @KENOBlDJARlN / AMC / Via Twitter: @KENOBlDJARlN


    @wizardjarin / HBO / Via Twitter: @wizardjarin


    bella really captured the “in love” look of a girl crushing on another girl so well i’m going to be sick #TheLastOfUs #tlou

    @amityfanacct / HBO / Cape Cod Theater Project / Via Twitter: @amityfanacct


    let’s talk about the tear rolling down joels cheek as ellie leaves the room because he thinks it’s the last time he’s ever going to see her #TheLastOfUs

    @cherrymartell / HBO / Via Twitter: @cherrymartell


    they’re comforting their dads :( #TheMandalorian #TheLastOfUs

    @djarinarchives / Disney+ / Lucasfilm / HBO / Via Twitter: @djarinarchives


    they’re tom holland and zendaya for depressed people #tlou #thelastofus

    @markruffaloTD / HBO / Via Twitter: @markruffaloTD


    neil is going straight to hell #TheLastOfUs

    @butchkit / HBO / Via Twitter: @butchkit


    them being at different ends of the stages of grief is so telling, ellie is dealing with denial and anger and riley who’s seen loss, has reached acceptance #TheLastOfUs

    @unearthlydina / HBO / Via Twitter: @unearthlydina

    33. In conclusion:

    HBO is absolutely killing it with #TheLastofUs . As someone who loves the emotional element of the video game, it’s so nice to see it being translated so well to television.

    Twitter: @lolwithtaytay

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