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    I Can't Stop Cackling Over The Crows From "Shadow And Bone" Reading Thirst Tweets About Themselves AND Their Characters

    My new comfort video is Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, Kit Young, Danielle Galligan, Calahan Skogman, and Jack Wolfe reading thirst tweets about The Crows, I'm not even sorry.

    Your prayers have been answered. We've heard you asking, so we FINALLY sat down with Calahan Skogman, Freddy Carter, Jack Wolfe, Amita Suman, Danielle Galligan, AND Kit Young, aka The Crows from Shadow and Bone, and had them read your thirst tweets.

    The cast of Shadow and Bone

    To celebrate Shadow and Bone Season 2, we put this hilarious (and beloved) group through the ultimate test — try and read some of the thirstiest tweets about themselves AND their characters.

    Kaz and Inej looking into each other's eyes

    From your general undying love for Amita as Inej...

    Amita reading a tweet about Inej being hot, and Danielle saying, "She is very hot" thinking Jack is simply, dare we say, the cutest human...

    Jack reading a tweet about how he walks around being cute, and everyone saying "AW" tweeting about how Calahan and Danielle are truly the sexiest duo out there, both on and off screen...

    Danielle telling Calahan he must "act accordingly" while reading a tweet, then Calahan screaming while reading a tweet about him and Danielle just loving how Kit portrays Jesper, and his iconic bisexual energy...

    Everyone saying "Yes sir" after Kit reads a tweet

    ...we found everything, and had them read them all, even the things you tweeted to Freddy for this SPECIFIC occasion.

    Freddy reading a tweet that says, "Waiting for the day Freddy Carter reads my 'he's the major of sexy town' tweet"

    Like, their reaction to this tweet we made poor, sweet Calahan read is so perfect and chaotic all at once.

    Everyone looking shocked and covering their faces, and Danielle saying, "I need a minute"

    You can watch our full thirst tweets video with Calahan, Freddy, Jack, Amita, Danielle, and Kit below:

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    And be sure to watch them in Shadow and Bone, which is streaming now on Netflix.

    The Crows in Shadow and Bone