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    19 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Wynonna Earp," TV's Answer To A "Buffy" Reboot

    "New Buffy is trending? It is already on, it is called #WynonnaEarp."

    Recently, Joss Whedon announced that he has plans to reboot Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The internet exploded with mixed emotions upon hearing the news. But, there's a group of people, myself included, that have already found their "new Buffy."

    New Buffy is trending? It is already on, it is called #WynonnaEarp

    Twitter: @joshfromsyfy / Via Twitter: @joshfromsyfy

    So, this came as the perfect excuse for me to turn everyone's attention to my favorite show: Wynonna Earp.

    When someone asks why #WynonnaEarp is my favorite show, I’ll just hold up this gif👇🏻 @WynonnaEarp @SYFY @emtothea @MelanieScrofano

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    Here are some reasons why everyone should be watching Purgatory's gunslinging heroine, Wynonna Earp, and her friends:

    1. First, Wynonna Earp is a freakin' badass who is on a mission to send a bunch of resurrected demons — named revenants — back to hell:

    2. Even though Wynonna is the "chosen one," she still showcases her flaws and actively knows that she's not perfect:

    3. And of course, she's funny as hell and makes me cackle at least 10 times an episode:

    4. The show isn't afraid to show Wynonna's vulnerable side, which is honestly super important when showcasing a dynamic lead female character:

    5. Each character is written with such authenticity that none of them are afraid to be their nerdy, lovable selves:

    6. The women aren't afraid to stand up for themselves and show up the men in the series:

    7. Wynonna and Waverly's sisterly bond is the stuff that dreams are made of. Seriously, there's no cattiness, only love and respect:

    8. The show has been praised for having incredible LGBT representation:

    9. Waverly and Nicole — known by their couple name "WayHaught" — have become the central relationship on the series and it's totally normal:

    10. When Wynonna finds out Waverly likes girls, their relationship doesn't falter and their dynamic doesn't change:

    11. The LGBT characters on the show don't shy away from their sexuality:

    12. Plus, unlike in other TV shows, none of the LGBT characters have been killed off just for shock value:

    13. The show isn't afraid to be dark and serious, while still throwing in humor:

    14. The villains are so complex that you're left to wonder if you actually feel bad for them:

    15. Doc Holliday and Agent Xavier Pamela Dolls are the perfect leading men. They both have feelings for Wynonna, but it never turns into an ugly love triangle:

    16. The week-to-week demon-hunting never gets boring because the series puts a new spin on classic folklore. Like, haven't you wanted to see glamorous vampires that arrive in a cloud of pink smoke?!

    17. The fandom around the show is so supportive and inclusive. It's unlike any internet fandom I've ever seen:

    We are a group of Earpers that wants to help others. We are not professionals, but if you need to talk with someone but prefer to do it via DM, you can contact us. Below there's a list of volunteers that are keeping their DM open. You can contact this account or any of them:

    Twitter: @EarperSupport / Via Twitter: @EarperSupport

    163 days clean #Earpers. Feels like only yesterday I was reaching out on #EarperSupport and look how far I've come. So many have commented on how strong and brave I am but if it wasn't for the support I got, especially in the beginning, I wouldn't have made it here.

    Twitter: @OgedaSoulou / Via Twitter: @OgedaSoulou

    I love one fucking show. I’ll fight for it, love it, and support it with everything I have. Wynonna Earp really makes a difference in this world and I am forever grateful for what is has given me and all of the #Earpers. #WynnonnaEarp #WynonnaEarpSeason4

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    18. Wynonna Earp has never been a sure thing to get renewed, so knowing that YOU helped make a new season happen is a rewarding feeling:

    Twitter: @VisitPurgatory / Via Twitter: @VisitPurgatory

    19. And finally, the cast and crew are incredibly close and supportive of each other, so you can't help but love them both on-screen and off:

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