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"Modern Family" Officially Ended After 250 Episodes — Here's What Happened To Your Favorite Characters

"What people have always done. Leave the porch light on. They come back."

It's the end of a TV era — after 11 hilarious, emotional, and memorable seasons, Modern Family just came to an end.


Here's what happened to the Pritchetts, Dunphys, and Tucker-Pritchetts at the end of the series:

🚨Obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the final season! 🚨

1. Cameron Tucker


After Cameron and Mitchell adopted a son named Rex, it looked like things were settling down in the Tucker-Pritchett household. However, Cameron ended up getting offered a job as the head football coach at the University of North Central Missouri. While he was nervous to tell Mitchell about this new opportunity, he eventually took the job and their family decided to move.

2. Mitchell Pritchett


In the penultimate episode, Mitchell, Cam, and Lily said goodbye to their old apartment and moved into a beautiful new house that Mitch fell in love with. After Cam broke the news about his new job, Mitch supported him and said they should move. While Mitch wasn't sure if he would fit in in Missouri, the Tucker-Pritchetts bid an emotional farewell to their family and left for a new adventure.

3. Phil and Claire Dunphy


At the start of the series finale, Phil and Claire had moved into an RV in the front yard because the house was way too crowded. Eventually they gave Haley, Alex, and Luke an ultimatum and asked one of them to move out to free up some space. Sadly, all three kids decided to move on, and Phil and Claire were left with an empty house. The duo decided to finally take a road trip across the US, something they wanted to do before Haley was born.

4. Jay Pritchett


Jay was extremely emotional that Mitch and Cam, his "two sons," were leaving town. Throughout the series finale, Gloria was worried about Jay because he kept talking to himself and pacing around the house. Eventually Jay revealed that he was actually wearing headphones and was secretly learning Spanish for Gloria. He also announced that he would finally accompany her to Colombia for the summer to hang out with her family.

5. Gloria Delgado-Pritchett


During the final season, Gloria dealt with becoming a real estate agent and being the working parent while Jay stayed home. On top of worrying about her kids not needing her anymore, Gloria came to terms with Manny leaving for a year. Also, as we said above, Gloria was worried about Jay and assured him that he was "too young to be acting like an old man." She was absolutely thrilled when he suddenly started speaking Spanish and announced that he would go to Colombia.

6. Haley Dunphy and Dylan Marshall


Haley, Dylan, and their twins made the decision that it was time to move out of Phil and Claire's house. While their math was a little off — they thought they had saved a million dollars — they managed to find the perfect apartment. At the end of the series finale, Haley and Dylan officially moved into Cam and Mitch's old place.

7. Alex Dunphy


Alex had decided to leave her high-paying job for a new research position with Arvin, Haley's ex-boyfriend. At the same time Phil and Claire wanted one of their kids to leave, Arvin announced that their team was being transferred to Switzerland. Alex was excited to start a new adventure and let slip that she actually had feelings for Arvin. The duo appeared to be starting a relationship at the end of the series.

8. Luke Dunphy


Luke was nervous about the possibility of leaving home and finally worked up the courage to tell his family that he got accepted to the University of Oregon. He was excited to finally go to college and give it a try. So, just like that, all three Dunphy children left the house.

9. Manny Delgado


Manny's series finale storyline focused on his decision to travel around the world for a year. He was excited to explore the world but had to deal with Gloria not being ready to stay goodbye for so long. Also, in the final minutes of the series finale, Manny and Luke shared a heartfelt moment because this was going to be one of the first times they were going to be apart in 12 years.

10. Lily Tucker-Pritchett


Unlike most children being taken away from their friends on a spontaneous move, Lily was thrilled to start over in a new place and reinvent herself by "dyeing her hair blue and carrying around an emotional support pig." Also, she had a "major project" due on Tuesday that she hadn't started yet, so it was perfect timing.

11. And Finally, Joe Pritchett


With everything changing around him, Joe spent the series finale trying to prepare Manny for his trip. He stole Manny's wallet and handcuffed him to a bathtub, all to prove that anything could happen and Manny had to remain alert. Joe was also going to Colombia with Jay and Gloria for the summer.

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