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    "Kevin Can F**k Himself" Is One Of The Best New Shows, And Here's Everything You Need To Know About It

    "She keeps playing the perfect housewife, but in the meantime..."

    Listen, it's sometimes hard to find a new show you want to watch because there are just so many out there. So, as someone who watches WAY too much TV, I'm here to tell you that Kevin Can F**k Himself should be next on your list.

    Allison McRoberts holding two middle fingers up in a scene from the show

    This show is so different from anything on TV right now because it uniquely blends together comedy and drama in a series you can't turn away from.

    So, to celebrate Kevin Can F**k Himself — and because I want more people to talk about it with — here are 17 reasons why it needs to be your next binge-watch:

    1. First, Kevin Can F**k Himself follows Allison McRoberts, a seemingly typical wife, who begins to fantasize about killing her husband Kevin so she can start a new life.

    2. Immediately, you'll notice that Kevin Can F**k Himself isn't like any other show on TV, because it blends multi-camera comedy with the dark elements of a drama.

    3. Basically, when Allison is with Kevin, the show is structured like a traditional sitcom — think Everybody Loves Raymond — but when Allison is without Kevin, the filming style switches to an aesthetic usually seen on single-camera dramas, like Breaking Bad.

    4. The filming style is one of the many qualities that allow the show to tell an important story about how sitcom women, namely housewives, have been seen on TV for years and how there is so much more to these female characters than what we see on the surface.

    Allison saying, "I'm just tired of trying. I feel like nothing I do is ever enough"

    5. Also, when the sitcom aesthetic disappears, it becomes very clear that Allison's seemingly happy marriage and life is all an illusion. I could literally talk about how brilliant the filming choice is for days.

    Kevin telling Allison, "How 'bout next year, we'll celebrate our anniversary your way, okay?" and a still of Allison sitting fully clothed in the bathtub

    6. Behind the scenes, the series was created by Valerie Armstrong, who previously wrote episodes of SEAL Team and Lodge 49, and she was a writers assistant on Masters of Sex.

    7. The series also boasts an impressive list of writers and directors who've previously worked on shows like Workaholics, High Maintenance, Shrill, Chuck, Special, and more.

    8. And when Episode 2 aired, the show paid tribute to director Lynn Shelton, who was involved in the show's creation.

    9. Since Kevin Can F**k Himself is a combination of a comedy and drama, the show is able to have really funny scenes, but also moments that explore loss, heartbreak, and wanting to be better.

    Allison talking about how she's had a terrible decade and now feels that she has something to say but there's no one who cares

    10. In terms of cast, Annie Murphy leads this ensemble and continues to prove why she was an absolute force on Schitt's Creek. The show not only leans into Annie's comedic timing, but it allows her to showcase her dramatic acting chops as well.

    11. Since the show is constantly flipping between sitcom and drama, Annie's ability to go from really funny moments to much more serious ones is a testament to how incredible she is.

    12. Alongside Annie, Mary Hollis Inboden, Eric Petersen, Alex Bonifer, Raymond Lee, Brian Howe, and more round out a cast filled with comedy gold.

    13. While all of the actors work well together, it's Annie and Mary's chemistry that will have you hooked, especially after Episode 3.

    14. Allison and Patty's relationship allows Kevin Can F**k Himself to explore female friendships and show that women on sitcoms are three-dimensional and deal with much more than just their husbands' problems.

    15. I've also got to say that Eric Petersen plays Kevin perfectly. He brings to life the sitcom husband we've all seen in shows before and rides the line between parody and creating his own character perfectly.

    16. Plus, I mean, now I'm tuning in every week to see if Allison will actually go through with killing Kevin and what will happen as a result.

    A waitress asks Allison how she became a widow to which Allison replies, "Oh I killed him"

    17. And finally, if you still aren't sold on Kevin Can F**k Himself, think of it as the humor of Dead to Me mixed with the drama of Killing Eve and Breaking Bad, plus some good old-fashioned sitcom moments.

    You can catch Kevin Can F**k Himself on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC or on AMC+.

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