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    Posted on Dec 23, 2017

    24 Hysterical Texts That Are 100% You And Your Best Friend

    "Are you awake? I want to talk about Joe Jonas."

    1. When your BFF needs help getting out of work:

    2. When you can be completely honest with each other:

    3. When your BFF is always there to talk about your obsessions: / Via

    4. When the two of you are just thinking ahead: / Via

    5. When you and your BFF want to be together forever:

    If you don't get these texts from your bff, wyd then?

    Twitter: @DenaeeSims / Via Twitter: @DenaeeSims

    6. When you just want the world to see how funny you both are: / Via

    7. When your BFF is ready for literally any situation:

    8. When your BFF knows exactly how to get your attention: / Via

    9. When you sometimes can't put up with your BFF's jokes: / Via

    10. When you send drunk texts to each other:

    Twitter: @vaaleeriieezee / Via Twitter: @vaaleeriieezee

    11. When you use your BFF to look cool even when they aren’t around:

    Twitter: @YrBFF / Via Twitter: @YrBFF

    12. When they remind you about the important things in life: / Via

    13. When you both agree on how to spend your Saturday night:

    14. This text that every BFF has definitely received: / Via

    15. When your BFF is better friends with your family than you are: / Via

    16. When they know exactly what you're up to at all times:

    17. When they're the only one who understands you:

    18. When you're both just happy to be alive together:

    Life goals: a BFF who sends you birthday texts worthy of Leslie Knope. #beautifullandmermaid

    Twitter: @redsonika / Via Twitter: @redsonika

    19. When your BFF will help you out in any situation:

    Instagram: @ms_p.m.97 / Via Instagram: @ms_p

    20. When you can have an entire conversation with just GIFs:

    21. When you both make plans to get rich together:

    22. When you and your BFF want to go on crazy, sometimes weird, adventures together:

    When your bff texts your this >>>

    Twitter: @jamie_roland / Via Twitter: @jamie_roland

    23. When you get them to start watching your favorite TV show:

    24. And finally, when you just miss each other all the time:

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