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This Disney "Would You Rather" Quiz Will Determine Which Disney Animation Era You Belong In

"When you wish upon a star..."

  1. First, would you rather only be able to listen to The Lion King or Frozen soundtrack for the rest of your life?

  2. Would you rather trust Ursula or Yzma with a secret?

  3. Would you rather take care of 101 Dalmatians or Stitch?

  4. Would you rather spend an entire year as a llama or a ferocious beast?

  5. Would you rather taste Tiana's beignets or Remy's ratatouille?

  6. Would you rather go on a magical adventure with Mary Poppins or Peter Pan?

  7. Would you rather fly on a magic carpet or inside Carl's balloon house?

  8. Would you rather have Olaf or Baymax as your sidekick?

  9. Would you rather explore the ocean with Moana or Ariel?

  10. Would you rather have the Muses or Flynn Rider narrate your life?

  11. Would you rather have Woody or Winnie the Pooh as a toy growing up?

  12. Would you rather fight alongside Mulan or Hercules?

  13. Would you rather explore Wonderland with Alice or the Land of the Dead with Miguel?

  14. And finally, would you rather save Mufasa or Ellie?

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