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    21 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Zack Snyder's "Army Of The Dead" That Are Just Super Cool

    Tig Notaro filmed most of her scenes completely alone and months after filming ended.

    1. First, Tig Notaro was digitally added to Army of the Dead months after filming wrapped — in fact, Netflix spent "a few million" dollars to do this.

    Tig's character asking "Scott, was that a zombie in a goddamned cape?"

    2. Also, because Tig was added so much later, she filmed all of her scenes completely alone. Zack Snyder and the digital effects team replicated the camera angles and "physical spaces" from the original scenes in a studio.

    3. Zack Snyder explained that some of the "trickiest shots" to film were actually when Tig's character is walking with the others, and it involved a lot of post-production work because she wasn't actually with them.

    4. Alongside being a producer, director, director of photography, and writer, Zack Snyder is also credited as the "camera operator B camera" on Army of the Dead, which is something he "hasn't done professionally since his days as a commercial director."

    5. Also, this movie marks the first time a Zack Snyder project was shot using digital cameras, which were actually outfitted with "50-year-old lenses."

    6. The opening title sequence was designed "really carefully" by Zack Snyder because he wanted it to feel almost like a mini film before the actual movie begins.

    7. Originally, Zack wrote the part of Vanderohe for Dave Bautista, but he ultimately realized Dave was perfect for Scott.

    8. Also, Dave almost turned down Army of the Dead because he wanted to "prove himself" as an actor and try something other than an action movie.

    Kate telling Scott, "You're not a coward. You're the bravest man I know. I love you so much"

    9. To prepare for the Army of the Dead action sequences, the core cast went through "intensive training on unit tactics, led by retired US Navy SEALs."

    10. All of the actors who played the Alphas, aka the evolved and fast zombies, had to go through movement training in order to get the "Alpha zigzag" down.

    11. Richard Cetrone, who played Zeus, wore "24 silicone prosthetics," and it took around three hours to get him into costume when they first started filming. The process then got down to under two hours by the end.

    12. Meanwhile, Athena Perample, who plays Queen, had to wear "22 prosthetic pieces from the waist up," and it took close to four hours to get her into costume every day.

    13. It took a little over six hours for 35 makeup artists to get 150 Alphas into all of their prosthetics and makeup every single day.

    14. In order to make the sets look as real as possible, there was a 3D capture company in Las Vegas who were scanning the streets so everything would match up.

    15. The team's zombie-killing taco truck was one of the coolest pieces in the film to design, according to production designer Julie Berghoff. In fact, if you look closely, you can see that the team keeps a running tally of their zombie kills.

    16. Costume details were incredibly important and helped showcase a lot about the characters. For example, Cruz's key necklace opens a locker at her body shop, while Kate wears bracelets that kids in the camp made for her.

    17. Also, the costume team "thrifted, fitted, aged, destroyed, and zombie-fied" around 40,000 pieces of clothing.

    18. Samantha Win, who plays Chambers, is also a stunt double in real life. Notably, she was Ming-Na Wen's stunt double on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    19. For the zombie horse in Army of the Dead, there was an actual horse underneath all of the zombie prosthetics.

    20. Meanwhile, the zombie tiger was created digitally, so on set the cast was acting alongside a stunt coordinator who was "hopping around holding a stick" with a puppet attached.

    21. And finally, Netflix has already greenlit two Army of the Dead prequels — one will be a movie and the other is an anime series.

    You can buy Army of the Dead: A Film by Zack Snyder — The Making of the Film now. And you can watch Creating an Army of the Dead on Netflix.