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Everyone Is Talking About Dieter And Vanderohe In "Army Of The Dead," And I'm 100% Here For It

Army Of The Dead is a gay love story, IMO.

🚨 This post contains spoilers for Army of the Dead. 🚨

You may well have seen Zack Snyder's new zombie heist movie, Army of the Dead – it's been in the top 10 on Netflix for a while now, and people are LOVING it!

Think of it as Zombieland meets Ocean's Eleven meets The A-Team... with a sprinkling of Titanic. Why Titanic? Well, because this movie features a BEAUTIFUL onscreen love affair beset by tragedy. No, not Maria and Scott – I'm obviously talking about Dieter and Vanderohe!

I clocked it as soon as I watched it, but no one listens to my tweets so nvm.

Omg they love each other you can't tell me otherwise!!! #ArmyOfTheDead

Twitter: @sam_cleal

I mean, come onnnnnnnn...

They LOVE each other, right?!

Thankfully, I wasn't the only one paying attention to the undeniable and electric chemistry the two seem to share...

Me watching Dieter and Vanderohe in #ArmyOfTheDead

Twitter: @comicstanspam

Why don’t Dieter and Vanderohe kiss in #ArmyOfTheDead?

Twitter: @DavidOpie

Live footage of Dieter opening Vanderohe's heart 🥺💗 #ArmyOfTheDead


The chemistry between Vanderohe and Dieter. I love them so much. 🥺 #ArmyOfTheDead

Twitter: @mockjaygrimes

Vanderohe with Dieter the whole movie

Twitter: @AtheistjLiz

My biggest takeaways from Army of the Dead *Spoiler Free* ✅ - Chambers is literally my spirit character and the baaaaaaddest bitch out of the whole crew. Like holy crap. - Vanderohe and Dieter are boyfriends. I don’t make the rules. Argue with the wall. #ArmyOfTheDead

Twitter: @JoshTheMedic

Dieter to Vanderohe: " Hi my name is Dieter and I'm going to open what cannot be opened" My mind way in the gutter:

Twitter: @adceu_kinda_fan

If their isn’t a sequel to Army of the Dead where zombie Vanderohe finds zombie Dieter then I want my money back. #ArmyOfTheDeadNetflix #ArmyOfTheDead #Dieter #Vanderohe

Twitter: @TyranasaurusL

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! BRB, off to read some fanfic.