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    Bunheads: Where Are They Now?

    Were you a huge fan of ABC Family's Bunheads when it still danced on the airwaves? Did you hate how it ended abruptly with no warning and no conclusion for the characters? Well, fear not because in honor of Sutton Foster coming back to TV in TVLand's new original comedy, Younger, here are endings for everyone's favorite members of Paradise!


    Photo by Adam Taylor - © 2011 Disney Enterprises

    After a very long conversation with Sasha about the importance of waiting for sex (she agreed never, ever to share details) she remained close friends with Sasha, Ginny, Boo and Mel. She helped them through every major milestone in their lives.

    She was there when Sasha broke up with Roman and was crushed, when Mel finally stood up to her Dad and pursued roller derby, the time Ginny was cast as the lead in her college musical and she was right beside Boo for the birth of her kids (Carl passed out). Michelle was the stable adult in their lives, which is crazy because Michelle remained the free-spirited girl everyone fell in love with.

    She continued to teach at Paradise Dance Academy and occasionally went on auditions. She even spent a brief time in the touring company of Cats, which she absolutely despised because who makes a musical about cats that has no plot and the music is super lame. She says Andrew Lloyd Webber needs to get a different hobby.

    Even though they were only married for 24 hours, Michelle thinks about Hubbel every day. She still wears her wedding ring and she even officially changed her last name to “Flowers” (Fanny had a few sarcastic comments to say about that one but she loved Michelle like a daughter so it was fine).

    Michelle grew to love Paradise and made it her permanent home. She realized that she could audition for all the musicals in the world but nothing would compare to the love she felt when she stepped in front of class and began to teach her students the magic of ballet. That’s something Fanny taught her and she would never forget.

    Michelle often ventures to NYC to see a Broadway show or two and visit Boo, Carl and Sasha. Ginny and Mel are still in Paradise and they go out every night (with Truly tagging along).

    Michelle finally found her home.


    Photo by Vivian Zink - © 2012 Disney Enterprises

    After the extremely awkward sex-ed talk with her class, Michelle begged her to never ever talk about sex ever again. She happily complied and left all teenage drama for Michelle (something she said Michelle was good at because she is still a fourteen year old girl obsessed with scrunchies and Leonardo DiCaprio).

    Paradise Dance Academy continued to function as smoothly as it could with Fanny and Michelle running it. She continued to create inventive dances including a rendition of Annie told entirely from Sandy (the dog’s) perspective. She loved the piece because it was Sasha, Ginny, Boo and Mel’s last dance with the academy and it was performed in the brand new amphitheater (They finally finished construction on it after Milly had them tear it down and start over… twice).

    After she ushered in a new era of Bunheads, Fanny became sick. The doctors told Michelle it was lung cancer and it was too far-gone to treat. Fanny continued teaching until the cancer spread. Michelle took over all the dance classes and would roll Fanny into the studio in her wheelchair so she could watch. A few months passed and Fanny died peacefully in her sleep with Michelle holding her hand. Michelle had never cried so much in her life. Fanny was the mother she never had.

    The ceremony was brief and was held in Paradise Dance Academy. Boo, Ginny, Sasha and Mel all came back home for the funeral. They performed a mash-up of all the dances Fanny had taught them. She would’ve loved it. Michelle even danced with Sasha the routine her and Fanny danced to in the Oyster Bar the night Hubbel died. It was a celebration, just like Fanny would’ve wanted.

    Wherever she is, Michelle knows her and Hubbel are looking down on her and smiling (and probably laughing at her jokes).

    Boo and Carl

    Photo by Randy Holmes - © 2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

    Boo and Carl continued to date throughout high school. They went onto complete their plan of having sex two days before prom (and yes it was awkward and the two day buffer was perfect).

    Boo went onto attend Chapman University on a dance scholarship and loved every second of it. She still worked at the Oyster Bar in order to help pay off her student loans. In order to stay closer to Boo, Carl attended California State University at Long Beach and visited Boo every other weekend. He is now a 2nd grade teacher. All of those babysitting jobs and being a junior camp counselor helped him realize his dream.

    After college, Boo pursued her dream of dance in NYC with the help of Michelle, Sasha, Ginny and Mel. Carl of course followed her there. It was hard at first but she eventually landed a job in the chorus of Chicago. Carl attended her opening night and proposed. He was dressed as Fred Astaire just like he was during their first dance together.

    Shortly after they got married, Boo started teaching dance classes in NYC and following in Michelle’s footsteps of sharing her love of dance with a new generation of Bunheads. She even held the Joffrey Summer Program auditions at her studio. They sent a fax and she cried and called Michelle for help.

    Boo and Carl live in a modest apartment in Brooklyn with their twins, Carl Jr. and Olivia Frances (after Madame Fanny). Michelle is their godmother and started constantly quoting The Godfather upon being asked. Boo thought it was really sweet.

    Boo and Carl created the lives they always wanted. And they did it together.

    Sasha and Roman

    Episode 1x17 "It's Not a Mint"

    After a LONG discussion with Michelle about sex, where Michelle referenced Fast Times at Ridgemont High about 30 times and ended up telling Sasha about the time she spent a night in Vegas with a male stripper that kind of resembled Al Pacino if you squinted your eyes, Sasha and Roman had sex the following night, after she perfectly planned the whole thing. Roman and Sasha dated for a little while longer but eventually they grew a part and broke up before college. Sasha thought it was best not to be in a long distance relationship. Roman was crushed but they still meet up when they visit Paradise by sneaking into the dance studio.

    Roman went onto be a music producer in LA for aspiring punk, rock bands. He doesn’t get back to Paradise much, but when he does he always goes and visits Michelle.

    Sasha received a full scholarship to study dance at NYU’s Tisch program. She flourished in the program although knowing Sasha she wasn’t easy to get along with. She sold her apartment in Paradise her junior year of college and moved to NYC permanently.

    Eventually she landed a main role in the revival of the Broadway musical An American in Paris and received a Tony Award nomination. Sasha’s dates to the ceremony? Boo, Ginny and Mel. Michele couldn’t make it but she watched every second on TV and texted Sasha commentary.

    Sasha hasn’t found “the one” yet but that’s okay. After her parents brutal divorce, she decided she was better off alone. She loves life, her job and being the “cool Aunt” to Carl and Boo’s twins.


    Photo by Adam Larkey - © 2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

    After admitting to Michelle that she had sex with Frankie, her and Michelle grew very close. Michelle helped her get over Frankie the best way Michelle could, she was there and listened to her.

    Ginny ended up getting the lead role of Ella in the school musical, Bells are Ringing. During her callback, Mel, Boo and Sasha snuck into the auditorium and cheered her on. The musical went amazing and she ended up dating her co-star in the show until they graduated. She finally found a man that enjoyed her goofy personality.

    Ginny ended up attending UC Santa Barbara. Although she didn’t know what she wanted to do in life, she had so much fun. She danced in local productions and continued to audition for musicals. Michelle came to every single one of her opening nights. Michelle even sat through her production of the musical adaptation of Back to the Future. Michelle said she would’ve rather watched Fanny re-pot all of her plants, twice!

    After college, she returned to Paradise still unsure of what she wanted to do in life. She taught some classes at Paradise Dance Academy until finally she gave into her mother and took over the real estate agency.

    While showing off a gorgeous, Victorian style house Ginny met Anthony, a talented photographer who was doing a story on small towns in California for National Geographic. He fell head-over-heels in love with Ginny. The catch? Anthony has a two-year old daughter, Amanda, from a previous marriage. Although her mother began comparing her to that whore Faye Mendelsohn, she didn’t care. She was finally happy.


    Photo by Ron Tom - © 2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

    Mel continued to participate in the roller derby as Cleosmacktra. It was the first time in her life she was happy! Mel ended up dating Dez for a few months, much to Charlie’s dismay, until he graduated.

    Mel ended up defying her father’s wishes and didn’t attend college. She continued to dance on weekends but was a devoted member of the Roller Derby. Cleosmacktra went onto win numerous awards and she even took over the league as manager.

    After several years of skating, she decided to begin a mission to get women’s roller derby in the Olympics. The petition is still pending but in the mean time; she still lives in Paradise and hangs out with Ginny every day


    Bunheads (2012)

    Truly got Sparkles back up and running thanks to her sister, Milly. She still lives in Paradise and has even opened another store called “Sparkles 4 Pets.”

    She finally accepts the fact that Michelle married Hubbel and she was able to move on and official start dating, Davis (the one-eyed plumber). They continue to date and she enjoys making Davis different colored, designer eye-patches that she calls “Truly Magnificent Patches by Truly.” (She’s working on shortening the name).


    Photo by Randy Holmes - © 2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

    He continued to date Michelle for quite some time until their different interests and stages in their lives prompted them to break up. He wanted to marry her but she said she wasn’t ready. He ended up leaving Paradise and going back to Australia after their breakup so he could take some time to think. He surfed, studied the beautiful ocean and thought about Michelle every day.

    Although he doesn’t live in Paradise anymore, he still comes home to visit his Mom and Dad at the Oyster Bar. He continued to pursue his career in Marine Biology and is one of the leading scientists on a project to help protect the Coral Reef in Australia.

    He is still waiting for Michelle to realize he is the one for her.


    Episode 1x06 "Move Truck"

    After marrying Rick, they returned to Las Vegas to start their lives together. She took some time off from the dance scene while she had her baby, a beautiful little girl she named Madison Truly (Truly begged her to name the baby after her).

    When Madison turned eight, Rick had a sudden heart attack and passed away. Talia was devastated but she was glad she spent the time she had with him. Michelle was upset but continued to make jokes about his age. They make Madison laugh.

    Her and Madison still live in Vegas and she works on the Vegas production of Rock of Ages. Her and Michelle are still best friends (ask them to tell you about the party they threw for Madison’s 16th birthday. IT WAS INSANE.

    Farewell Bunheads! We miss you (A LOT)

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