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When You're The Youngest Person In The Office

You've worked here how long?

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1. When no one takes you seriously because of your age.

2. When coworkers start talking about their spouses, but you're single af.

3. When people start talking about their kids and you pretend to relate.

4. When higher ups are rude to you, but you have to hold your tongue.

Respect your elders is your daily mantra.

5. You can't explain directions because you can't afford a car.

I can tell you what bus or subway that's the closest.

6. Your thoughts when people show you pictures of their kids.

Please show me your baby when he was 587 days old again.

7. When you get Google invites to Wedding/Baby Showers/Retirement Parties.

Wait, why are people doing these things on purpose?!

8. But free food is still pretty exciting to you.

Free cake is the best cake.

9. When someone says they have been working here 25+ years.

That's longer than I've been alive.

10. When you are considered technological God because you understand Microsoft.

11. When 5pm hits.

12. When you have to start paying for retirement, but you barely pay your student loans.

13. Or when people talk about how in a few years they can retire.

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