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    13 Signs You're Gullible

    What's that written on the ceiling?

    1. You basically believed anything your parents or teachers told you growing up.


    2. So there are a few things out there you believed in for way too long.

    creative commons / Via Flickr: scorpio58


    3. Even though you are an adult, you still take things literally.


    4. You also trust people very easily.

    Adult Swim / Via

    5. You just believe people have good intentions.


    6. Until you find out they were lying.


    7. April Fool's Day is your least favorite holiday.

    Fox / Via

    8. You find yourself believing some weird internet conspiracies.

    9. And you're always the one your friends love to prank.


    10. Sometimes (or all the time) you fall for the same trick twice.

    NBC / Via

    11. You also might be a little too trusting.

    12. There comes a point when you will question everyone and everything.


    13. But eventually, you'll just go back to your old ways.

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