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    • noneayab

      The fact is even the CBO report states this Bill hurts all Working Class Americans.
      After learning that that this Bill in-fact harms every Working American family, how can any American think itsaGood idea? Good for who? Its not good for America at all. There is no Immigration ‘Crisis’ and there is no ground-swell of popular support for Amnesty; On the contrary The American People overwhelmingly want Enforcement First, both at the Border and the workplace.  The ‘Victim’ here is the American People; Not the illegal Immigrants. It is the American working class, the American Middle Class and Working poor of All Colors who are paying the bill for this unchecked invasion of Illegals into our nation, Cities, town and neighborhoods, and our hospitals, schools and workplaces. What do you Owe the thief that sneaks into your house? Do you Owe that criminalabed andameal?

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