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    13 Recipes Inspired By Halloween Movies And TV

    You guys need to make 1 OR ALL of the recipes on this list!

    1. Pea And Basil Soup With Crabmeat And A Balsamic Drizzle

    2. Evil Dead Velvet Pecan Pie

    3. Red RUM Cocktail!

    4. Ghost With The Most Roasted Sweet Potato Ravioli

    5. Reanimation Reagent Jello Shots

    6. Jack Skellington Chocolate Apples

    7. Zombie Finger Cookies

    8. Unicorn Blood Cocktail

    9. Bloody White Cake

    10. Peanut Butter and Jelly Pull Apart Bread

    11. Carol's Walking Dead Cookies

    12. Lil Asskicker Punch

    13. Bloody Good Cheesecake