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    27 Reasons China Is The Best Place For Your Next Epic Adventure

    New Year's resolution: book ticket ASAP.

    1. The swimming holes are damn sexy:

    2. No place is as beautiful as Karakul Lake:

    3. The big cities are surprisingly green:

    4. Even the bridges are exceptional:

    5. It's the perfect place for lovers:

    6. And also the best spot to kick back and relax in nature:

    7. Sunsets on the Great Wall of China are amazing:

    8. And you can camp there, too:

    9. In fact, you can also pitch a tent in a Tibetan monastery:

    10. It even looks good in bad weather:

    11. The old buildings are damn cool:

    12. The history is old AF:

    13. You really need to see Yangshuo with your own eyes:

    14. You can explore the real Avatar Mountains:

    15. There are pandas all around, and they are everything:

    16. The hiking views are hard to beat:

    17. And, yeah, they're also kinda scary ...

    18. You can actually buy a camel at the local market:

    19. The locals are super stylish:

    20. And the monks are pretty dope, too:

    21. The prayer flags are beautiful:

    22. There are volcanic lakes galore:

    23. You can even get the French experience in China:

    24. The skyscrapers are straight out of the future:

    25. The hidden spots are oh so peaceful:

    26. You can get lost for days in all of the old alley ways:

    27. And, quite frankly, in all of the picturesque beauty around the country:

    So, what are you waiting for?

    It's time to buy that plane ticket...

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