How To Survive Finals Season As Told By Disney GIFs

Here’s to an enchanted finals week.

1. OK, so you’re probably super stressed about finals and may want to cry.

Disney / Via

2. But fear not. The magic of Disney will help you get through this.

3. Start by organizing and cleaning EVERYTHING.

4. Actually do the reading or write your notes out.

5. Remember to take breaks and eat nutritiously.

6. Make sure you get plenty of sleep so you remember everything.

Disney / Via

7. Maybe study with a friend so you can compare notes.

Disney / Via

8. Try to focus.

Disney / Via

9. And remember, just keep swimming.

Disney / Pixar / Via

10. After finals you can relax.

11. So don’t give up and stay motivated.

Disney / Via

12. Because everything will be OK and magical.

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