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    World’s Highest Paid Athletes Of 2012

    Forbes Magazine has finally released its official list of highest-paid athletes of 2012. The net worth of these athletes not only comprises of their commissions from matches and games, but also from their numerous endorsements and ad campaigns, bonuses and other salaries for the past twelve months.

    1. Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

    Between June 2011 and June 2012, this American boxing champ has raked in a total of $85 million, with earnings coming solely from his salaries and winnings-and no endorsements.

    2. Manny Pacquiao

    The “People’s Champ”, as he is known not only for his supreme southpaw boxing style but also for his polite and down-to-earth demeanor, Pacquiao has earned $62 million, $56 million coming from salaries and winnings, and another $6M from advertising gigs including that of Nike, Hennessy, and Hewlett Packard.

    3. Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods was able to bring in $59.4M under his name between June 2011 and June 2012, majority of which coming from his Nike endorsement. As of September 2010, Woods has an estimated net worth of $500M, according to Forbes.

    4. LeBron James

    This NBA player currently holds a lofty sum of $53 million, with $40M coming from various endorsements and $13M from salary and winnings.

    5. Roger Federer

    Roger Federer, one of the most popular tennis champs of his time, was able to take in $52.7 million from June 2011. Among his endorsements include Nike, Rolex, Credit Suisse and Wilson.

    6. Kobe Bryant

    Kobe ranks the 6th highest paid athlete of the year, with $52.3M under his tile. Not only was he able to get a hefty sum of $20.3M from salary/winnings, he also got another $32M from various endorsements.

    7. Phil Mickelson

    Aside from Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson has also earned a good amount of cash during the past year. His wealth of $47.8M has been sourced out mainly from endorsements, such as Callaway, Exxon, Rolex, and Amgen/Pfizer.

    8. David Beckham

    Still the hottest soccer star of his generation, David Beckham has earned $46M from June 2011. As of April 2012, he is reported to have an estimated net worth of $260M, according to Sunday Times Rich List.

    9. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Another highly popular soccer star is Cristiano Ronaldo, and by June 2012 this 27-year-old athlete was able to nab over $42.5 million, more than half coming from numerous endorsements.

    10. Peyton Manning

    Peyton Manning is currently the richest NFL star this year after earning $42.4 million from June 2011.

    11. Lionel Messi

    Messi is one of the newest soccer stars of today’s generation, but over the past year he has already garnered as much as $39 million, nearly half of which he earned from numerous endorsements.

    12. Haloti Ngata

    Haloti Ngata is considered to be among the fiercest NFL players today, and while he hasn’t fared that well in endorsements, he was able to bring as much as $37.1M from winnings during the past year.

    13. Larry Fitzgerald

    Aside from Ngata, Fitzgerald has also done a few good deals from the year that was. Apart from his $35.3M salary, this NFL player has also gained another $1.5M from endorsements.

    14. Ndamukong Suh

    At No. 14 of Forbes’ richest athletes is Ndamukong Suh, another NFL player who has garnered over $35.5M in salaries, and $500,000 in endorsements.

    15. Charles Johnson

    NFL player Charles Johnson occupies the #15 position on the richest athletes’ list, and under his title is a whopping $34.4 million in salaries and endorsements.

    16. Rafael Nadal

    The second tennis ace to make it in the richest athletes’ list, Rafael Nadal boasts $33.2 million, with $25.M coming from various brand endorsements and another $8.2M from salaries and winnings.

    17. Mario Williams

    NFL hottie Mario Williams was able to earn a hefty #33.2 million from June 2011 to June 2012. Although he didn’t get much from endorsements, the bulk of his wealth during the past year has come from salary and winnings instead.

    18. Alex Rodriguez

    ARod, who’s been linked to the likes of Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz, was able to gain $33 during the past year, $31M through salaries and winnings, and $2M from brand endorsements such as Nike, Topps, Vita Coco and Rawlings.

    19. Fernando Alonso

    Formula One race car driver Fernando Alonso was able to rake in $32 million by living life in the fast lane, $29M rooted from salaries and $3M from brand endorsements.

    20. Valentino Rossi and Michael Schumacher

    Motorcycle racecar driver Valentino Rossi is the sole representative of the sport in the richest athlete’s list, with $30 million under his name. Rossi was able to rake in #17 million from salary earnings, and another $13M from endorsements.

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