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    21 Tubs And Showers You Wish You Had

    You know you wanna bathe here.

    1. The Skyight Shower

    2. The Sunken Tub

    3. Hidden Bath Storage

    4. Dimly Lit

    5. Transitional Shower & Tub

    How quaint!

    6. The Double Bath

    7. Or, shower for two!

    Twin Rain Showers!

    8. Luxurious Stone Shower for Two

    9. Walk-In Shower

    10. Or walk right through!

    11. Two Sided Fireplace

    12. The Spiral Shower

    13. Go Pink!

    14. The "Mood Ring" Shower

    15. The Waterfall Tub

    16. The Curved Tub

    17. Or, a curved shower!

    18. Bay Window Bathtub

    19. The Hammock Tub

    20. All Natural

    21. THE Master Bath.