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    • nobuzz

      Was this article abetted by the MSG/preservatives/chemical lobby? What’s up next: “DDT: the lie behind Silent Spring.” “Agent Orange: Safe as OJ.”  There is no doubt that I am sensitive to large quantities of MSG in that it produces headaches and extreme thirst. Some people I know have a similar reaction, others have none at all. Any knowledgeable MD will verify that some people get MSG headaches. The main source for this opinion piece, David Chang, is a notorious hack who will tell reporters anything they want to hear—and the last time I looked, he’s not a doctor.  But, hey, its legal, by all means gorge on it at Momofuku, bathe in it when you get home, down it by the table spoon for a midnight snack (btw, did you ever finish that MSG bomb of yours?) but don’t tell people their bodies’ reaction to it is placebo driven. (A concept which you don’t seem to understand.)

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