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16 Shiny Things You Can Wear This Winter For Under $50

Why should the ornaments be the only things that sparkle?

Nina Mohan 4 years ago

17 OkCupid Answers And What They Actually Mean

We all know we're lying, right?

Nina Mohan 4 years ago

22 Sick Futurama Tattoos

Futurama first left us in 2003, then again in 2013. But these superfans' tattoos (okay, and reruns) will ensure its memory lives on.

Nina Mohan 4 years ago

17 Vintage Animal Costumes To Inspire You This Halloween

Because you can do better than a pair of cat ears.

Nina Mohan 5 years ago

12 Gems Of Truth From The "Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills"

Because obviously the young, rich, and fabulous hold the keys to happiness.

Nina Mohan 5 years ago

15 Stories That Will Make You Want To Call Your Parents

These stories about parents and parenting from the non-profit The Moth will have you laughing, crying, and seriously considering what the people who raised you went through. C'mon. Give 'em a call.

Nina Mohan 5 years ago

15 Classical Melodies You Totally Recognize And What They're Actually Called

You've definitely heard this pieces of music before. Impress your friends by being able to name them AND back up your knowledge with fun facts!

Nina Mohan 5 years ago

6 Truly Terrifying Plane Crashes

Being launched through the air in a metal tube at unbelievable speeds is terrifying enough. These air disasters might make you reconsider ever flying again.

Nina Mohan 5 years ago

10 Classical Music Confessions

Ever wondered what's going on in the mind of the quiet string player? It's more salacious than you think. Users of the Whisper app share their musical secrets.

Nina Mohan 5 years ago