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    4 Surprising Fact about Apple Computers

    What with the latest hacking of apples iCloud. The time has come to do a bit more investigation into the secretive company that what I've found may surprise you. Big thanks to the guys are core tech.

    1) Smoking Around an Apple Tanks the Warranty

    That's right, folks. Not only does second-hand smoke harm people, but is also upsets our computerized robot overlords. There are multiple reported instances of people sidling up to the Genius Bar and being turned away because their injured Macs smelled like they'd gone on a Vegas bender.

    2) The First Apple Was the Devil

    Mac list / Via

    Okay, maybe that's overselling it. However, the original Apple computer retailed for six-hundred and sixty six dollars and sixty-six cents. That looks like this, by the way: $666.66. Android fanboys have new weapon in their war on Apple – God.

    3) If You Work at Apple Headquarters, You Are Rich / Via

    If you average out the salaries of employees working in the Apple Headquarters, you get a three-figure number over $120,000. That's a lot of cheese for making decisions like: "Hey, maybe it should be white" and "Let's call it the iPhone Babykiller and see if nerds will still line up for weeks to get it."

    4) Apple Has More Money Than Countries / Via

    Believe it: in 2011, Apple Inc had over $74 billion dollars worth of cash reserves in the bank, while the United States Government had only the paltry, Del Taco value-menu-ordering amount of $73 billion dollars. I bet that year Apple punched Uncle Sam in the face at the prom, and Uncle Sam landed in a punch bowl and everyone laughed.