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    28 Reasons Ross Geller Is Actually The Best Character On "Friends"

    "I guess it's just flan for three!"

    1. He tries hard to fit in.

    2. He was ecstatic to feel Emma's first kicks.

    3. He likes to RELAX in extra-tight T-shirts.

    4. He has "unagi," a state of total awareness.

    5. He tried to be cool about his best friend and his ex-girlfriend getting together.

    6. And strived to relieve the tension by making fajitas.

    7. He was just so happy for Monica and Chandler.

    8. He's still terrified of his parents.

    9. He got his teeth whitened so he could look good for his date.

    10. He was in a band called Way, No Way, and had a successful hit song called "Emotional Knapsack."

    11. His crazy single life was too much to handle.

    12. His greetings made us feel dead on the inside.

    13. His love for dinosaurs surpassed everything else.

    14. He just wanted the couch to PIVOTTTTTT!

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    The blooper reel of the Pivot scene is equally as hilarious.

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    15. He taught Chandler the "Hug and Roll."

    16. He is the BEST dad.

    17. And he's got buns, hun!

    18. He is electrifying on the keyboard.

    19. He was so excited to get Ugly Naked Guy's apartment.

    20. He is musically talented in every way.

    21. He is practical and logical in a difficult situation.

    22. He wants to make sure everyone is OK.

    23. He is quite protective of his food, but we're talking about Monica's Moist Maker here!

    24. He is great with women.

    25. This is how he reacts to a major shampoo explosion.

    26. Some can sing. Some can dance. Ross can turn phallic cakes into woodland creatures.

    27. How can we not open the door to this face?

    28. He finally got his happily ever after with Rachel.

    And for all the Ross haters...