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25 Times The "OITNB" Cast Were Ultimate Squad Goals At The Emmys

That party bus looked like the place to be!

1. When Samira had that prison hooch:

2. When the Litchfield prison guards and inmates looked flawless AF:

3. When Yael and Matt were adorable on the bus:

4. When Emma and Julie looked super excited for the night ahead:

5. When Samira and Selenis rocked the pre-Emmy bus ride look:

6. When Diane could not stop thinking about the pizza:

7. When Daya and Bennett reunited on the red carpet:

8. When we wanted to squeeze in between Big Boo and Flaca:

9. And when we wanted to be Emmy neighbors with Dascha and Selenis:

10. When Flaritza was flawless:

11. When our hearts melted because Nicky and Morello were together again:

12. When Yael, Danielle, and Jackie were belles of the ball:

13. When Pornstache looked extra handsome and not like Pornstache at all:

14. When Danielle sent a card to Jackie and this was her response:

15. When we wanted to indulge with Jackie and Selenis before hitting up the after-party:

16. When their Dubsmash videos continued to be epic:

17. When Diane, Dascha, and Danielle were breaking it down at the after-party:

18. When Dascha was so happy for Uzo for her second Emmy win:

19. When Natasha, Samira, and Lea had their slay faces on:

20. And when they gave it to the haters:

21. When Uzo and Danielle were ready to get turnt for the after-party:

22. When Laverne Cox and Taryn Manning defined "flawless":

23. When the love for Uzo from her castmates gave us all the feels:

24. When Yael, Uzo, and Matt proved that they clean up very well when not in prison uniforms:

25. And when the Litchfield ladies seemed to be enjoying life outside the prison walls: