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15 Times Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Was Aaaactually Pretty Funny

Is there an international pageant for goof?

1. When she changed the genre of Dhai Akshar Prem Ke 16 years after its release.

2. When she trolled her daughter's vocabulary.

3. When she was much wittier (and naughtier) than anyone else in the room.

Star TV

4. When she SHUT. SHIT. DOWN.

5. When she passed.

Star World / Via

6. And when she put that expressive-ass face to A+ shady use.

Star World / Via

7. When she, officially the world's most beautiful woman, was also the most goofy woman.

Sony TV

8. When she revealed how to deal with high pressure labels.

9. When she was high-key relatably single.

NDTV / Via

10. When she referenced memes about her purple lipstick and then made a snide remark about loving butter.

11. When she and her husband had this adorable synchronised dance prepared.

Star TV

12. And when they um... recovered... from this gross miscommunication.

Star TV

13. When her sass was A+.

Star TV

14. When she reacted to Kapil Sharma's jokes like all of us do.

Colours TV
Colours TV

15. And when she made these faces in a totally appropriate setting... On the Cannes red carpet.