19 Snacks We'll Probably Never Get To Eat Again

    Cadbury needs to stop snatching away everything we love.

    1. Bytes

    What I would do to byte into these Cadbury filled parcels of heaven.

    2. Milk Treat

    3. Hippo Toasties

    4. Center Shock

    RIP this hair.

    5. Gold Spot

    6. Pepsi Blue

    7. Lay's Chaat Street

    Why do all the good flavours get discontinued?

    8. Lay's Mint Mischief

    9. Good 'ol Perk.

    10. Perk Ulta

    11. Aliva crackers

    12. Citra

    13. Cadbury Chocki

    14. Amul chocolate bars

    15. Rol.a.Cola

    16. Marbels

    17. Calcium Sandoz

    18. Tiny Dairy Milks

    19. Vanilla Coke