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Divas Shading Divas Or Other "People"

Probably the most fantastic or funniest shading ever from divas or others that aren't divas. Don't no what shading is? Shading is like an insult or terrible compliment or hurting them by their words.

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1. Begins with a "B" and ends with and "itch"

When Mariah Carey was on American Idol, she and Nicki had a fight, if you didn't know, and soon when Nicki was happily annoyed, she started calling Mariah a bitch, however Mariah decided to shade back and rebuke it to her.

2. I don't think of her.

When Whitney was asked what does she think of Mariah in a 1990 interview, she said she doesn't think of her, but as an artist she is good. That's tough how Mariah did not shade Whitney Houston back. Thankfully they became friends in 1998 for 'The Prince Of Egypt' movie.

3. I didn't knew she sang...

After her Idol experience, which she called hell, Mariah was asked, "are you the bitch she is talking about?" By Barbra Walters and responded that she didn't knew she sang, but rapped or whatever.

4. I don't know her.

When in the early 2000s, Carey hated JLO and Tommy Mottola for making Jlo look like Carey herself, and stealing amped music she wanted to use for Jlo. When she was asked about Beyonce she said she was fabulous, however when she was asked about Jennifer Lopez, she said, "I don't know her."

5. If I was Mariah I would...

Madonna hated Mariah and Mariah hates Madonna, however during her time at MTV, Madonna said that,"If I was Mariah, I would kill myself." After hearing or seeing Mariah's shade in 1995. During 2008, Madonna liked Mariah's new record, E=MC2, after Mriah decided to call her record in 2005, Confessions on A Dancefloor something.

6. I haven't been paying attention. . .

During a press conference on December 1995, Mariah was asked about Madonna in which she replied to, "Haven't paid attention since 7th or 8th grade when she used to be popular."

In which Madonna would say in number 4.

7. Beyonce on a magazine, Keri dislikes.

When Beyonce and Jay Z were on the cover of Juicy's magazine, Keri was asked to hold it, but As Keri agreed, she asked "who's that?" And realizes it is Beyonce on there and says," Oh, no thank you."

8. But MINE has more class to it.

When she was asked about Madonna, she said,"We both do dance music, I'll say that," but added a shade coming from Miss Jackson with, "But MINE Has more class to it."

Stating that her music is better then Madonna's.

9. The two girls we kicked out and brought Michelle in, we. . .

The harsh comment directed to the two girls from Destiny's Child which were kicked out, was said by Beyonce that, "We Sing a lot better," and then shaded Kelly and Michelle and the two girls that they CAN sing lead. Referring that they MAY NOT sing lead, but CAN sing lead.

10. Sounded like Christina Aguilera.

At P!nk's performance at her concert, she did a rough voice in which she laughed it off by saying, "sounded like Christina Aguilera for a second" and said SORRY! Why did she say sorry?

13. Compare me to Nobody!

While woh the comparisons with Ariana, Mariah was sick of them with the other comparisons, to which she agreed to Jay-Z'z don't compare me to nobody saying, as she agreed with him.

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