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8 Questions That 'Glitter 2' Needs To Answer

Yes, even though Glitter was the worst movie of all times, I think it's time Glitter 2 needs to happen. Plot and Context was out of place, but here are some questions that Glitter 2 needs to happen to answer them.

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1. What happened to Billie Frank's music career?


Even though the taxi or limbo drove her to her mom's house and reunite. What happened to her music career? Did it end after reuniting or does her dream live on?

2. What happened to Billie's friends?


Even though Louise and Roxanne after they made up, that was it for them. So, what happened, did Billie tell them, found out themselves, or not tell them leaving them clueless.

6. Did Louise and Roxanne get famous?


They did try there best on being famous by being Billie's back up dancers and being Sylk's back up singer. Did they regain there fame or even start there fame or what?

8. What do you imagine to Glitter Part Two?

Seriously, what do you want the context to be? What do you imagine would happen? What would you treat the movie into making it a good movie? Would you want this to happen? Or that to happen? What do you imagine?

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