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    Feb 27, 2014

    Pastor Ted Haggard Has A Change Of Heart In Arizona

    After homosexual and methamphetamine scandals, the ousted leader of the evangelical church defends the veto of Arizona's anti-gay bill and promotes marriage equality.

    Remember these guys?

    Back in 2006, outspoken anti-gay evangelist Ted Haggard (left) was embroiled in a sex scandal with male escort Mike Jones (right).

    After weeks of denials, Pastor Haggard admitted he had paid Jones for sex, had used crystal meth and had performed an unwanted sexual act with a male parishioner.

    These revelations forced Haggard to explore a whole new way of being.

    Haggard resigned from leadership of the National Association of Evangelicals. Then, he was fired from the New Life Church, the Colorado megachurch he founded in 1984.

    In the wake of Arizona's anti-gay controversy, Ted Haggard is back in the spotlight and speaking out. But not how you might think.


    On Wednesday, Pastor Haggard went on CNN's OutFront and defended the veto of SB-1062.

    "That was a broadly worded bill that had unintended consequences hidden in it that would have developed over the years," Haggard said.

    He explained that Christians, like everyone else, need to respect others and that it is "bigotry" for Christians to refuse to serve others based on a moral code.

    And then, Pastor Haggard declared his support for same-sex marriage.

    Responding to Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, Pastor Haggard predicted, "There will be a Supreme Court decision that will make equality the law of the land."

    On his website, Pastor Haggard says he's undergone a major transformation.

    View this video on YouTube

    "I treat [sinners] with respect....My role is not to judge them and 'get them converted'....I'm a friend of sinners....All of us are simultaneously saints and sinners."

    And he snowboards.

    You do you, Ted!

    You do you.

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