25 Hilarious Tumblr Moments That Sum Up Classical Music

    Tumblr's getting gigue-y with it.

    1. When it perfectly captured the struggle of loving primarily instrumental music.

    2. When it was 100% accurate about the realities of choosing rep.

    3. When it was just as blown away as you about music history's craziest (alleged) love affair.

    4. When it made some hilarious memorabilia for classical music's most hardcore premiere.

    5. When it noticed that Google's still not over Stravinsky's ~bastardization~ of the national anthem.

    6. When it was just as obsessed with The Dude's hair as you are.

    7. When it knew exactly what you think of every time you hear the fourth movement of Dvorak's New World Symphony.

    8. When it knew that clapping between movements is NOT OKAY.

    9. When it knew exactly what your frustrations about finding sheet music are like.

    10. When it pleaded with Rachmaninoff to write for people with normal-sized hands.

    11. When it gave an excellent tutorial on singing diction.

    12. When it felt the struggle of the pianist in piano trios.

    13. When it broke down the plot structures of all the big composers' operas.

    14. When it revealed that even virtuosos have to hustle to make some money.

    15. When it made this pun that was as awful as it was amazing.

    16. When it came up with the best reality show you never knew you needed.

    17. When Baroque arias wouldn't leave its damn head either.

    18. When it totally fell in love with the idea of the Chopin/Liszt bromance.

    19. When it nailed what Mendelssohn probs thought of Wagner's shit talking.

    20. When it facepalmed over what non-musicians think classical music is.

    21. When it knew the futility of trying to pin down your fach.

    22. When it imagined what the end of the year would be like at Composer High.

    23. When it recognized the patriotic feels that Copland gives all Americans.

    24. When it felt all jiggly over the clarinets in Daphis et Chloé.

    25. And finally, when it also wished your violin was a hot guy instead.