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A Mispronounced Name Led To A Totally Cringeworthy Moment


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The Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels is one of the most prestigious competitions for instrumentalists.

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Which is why violinist Lee Ji Yoon looked so happy when she went on stage to collect the grand prize.

Dushanbe tv /

The only thing is... she didn't win.

Dushanbe tv /

It turns out jury president Arie Van Lysebeth mispronounced the name of the real winner, Lim Ji Young.

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Lim Ji Young eventually took the stage to claim her prize.

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But not before Lee Ji Yoon had to make her suuuuuuper awkward exit.

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Better luck next time, girl! Keep rockin' that violin.

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You can watch the video from another angle with backstage clips here.

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