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    This Instagram Account Is Basically "Where's Waldo?" With A Dog


    Meet Momo, the adorable 6-year-old border collie who is basically the Waldo of dogs.

    Andrew Knapp, Momo's owner, told BuzzFeed he was inspired to create Find Momo by "having a handsome dog, a phone in my pocket, and social media."

    Can you find Momo on top of this dam?

    How about in this snowy village?

    Knapp says some of the hardest pictures to find Momo in are "when the snow falls on rocks" because "it’s just a mess of black and white spots." So don't feel bad if you didn't get those first two.

    Sometimes it's kind of easy.

    But sometimes it's really freakin' hard.

    He's somewhere near this comic book store.

    Seriously though, where is he?

    Okay, is he even in this picture?

    Maybe they're just trying to trick us.

    Can someone please move all these people?! They're in the way!

    Where is Momo amidst this graffiti?

    Can you actually find him in this lumber pile? Really?

    What about in front of this building?

    If you can actually find him here, you're a wizard.

    Pretty sure he's not really in this one.

    Just give up.

    Knapp's favorite Find Momo picture is "in New Orleans in front of the Saint Louis Cathedral," which you'll be able to see in his upcoming book.

    If you're up for it, you can follow Momo's Instagram and look for him on the daily!

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