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    16 Cringeworthy Things That Will Bother All Musicians

    Where words fail, music sometimes also fails.

    1. This French horn who died too young.

    2. This terrible Mozart pun.

    Mozart to his chickens: Who is the best composer in the world, my dears? Chickens: Bach! Bach! Bach! Mozart: I now know what's for dinner.

    3. This ultimate dedication to playing through the pain.

    4. This shirt that was clearly made by someone who does not ❤️ music.

    5. This violin bow tragedy.

    snusemullah /

    6. This decrescendo that is also supposed to get louder somehow.

    7. This implication that The Phantom of the Opera is by Puccini.

    That classic Puccini opera... Well done @Guylian_Chocs #operafail

    8. This piano disaster.

    9. This "Brahmes" record.

    10. This person who apparently thinks "Largo al factotum" is from Le nozze di Figaro.

    11. This staff-less sheet music you're supposed to warm up with.

    12. This composer who felt the need to tell you how to breathe DURING A THREE MEASURE REST.

    13. This horrifically mislabeled keyboard.

    14. The thought of actually playing with a reed like this.

    15. This tuba pileup.

    Wes Rowe /

    16. And finally, this ultimate page-turning fail.

    FLMusikakademie /