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18 Morbid Realizations That Will Give You Nightmares

Isn't it weird how we're all pretending we're more than fragile skin bags filled with bones and organs?

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1. Please please please let them just be happy at their new jobs.

#morbidthought whenever I look at people's profiles on LinkedIn and they haven't updated in a while, I wonder if they're still alive.

2. The lesson is to never hold a knife ever again.


3. Good god, let it be peacefully in their sleep.

4. No... please let it be literally anything but that.

What if death is when you can no longer tell the difference between nightmares and reality? #morbidthoughts

5. Time to rethink your phone security.

I don't have a password on my phone so that if something bad happens to me the rescue people can call the people I love #MorbidThought

6. Gonna keep pretending it's NONE.

7. Gah noooo! I will never live in a world without Beyoncé!

8. Note to self: DO NOT tie shoes today.

Random #morbidthought: Somewhere, right at this moment, sum1 is tying their shoes, blissfully unaware that they will die before the day ends

9. Ummm... sure?

10. What do you mean I have a *finite* amount of time left?!

If you are 25yrs old this is roughly how many weeks you have left to live! #MorbidThought #LiveNOW #BucketList

11. OK, as if fireworks themselves weren't scary enough!

12. *Shudders*

How many unmarked graves do you think you've walked on in your lifetime #morbidthoughts

13. Hopefully it's something profound and not one about your relationship with pizza.

any random tweet could be your famous last words #morbidthoughts

14. As if you needed more reasons to hate public restrooms!

15. Laughter has never sounded more sad.

“Most of the laugh tracks on TV were recorded in the early 1950s. These days most of the people you hear laughing are dead.” #morbidthoughts

16. Why is that your cuddle thought?!

It's weird knowing that in a few months i'll be holding this furball while she dies. #morbidthoughts

The CW /

17. God let it be a cute one.

I always wonder what photo of me would be used of me on the news if I went missing... #morbidthought

18. FUCK.

Isn't it weird to think that you've been dying since the day you were born. #morbidthoughts

Good luck trying to sleep tonight.

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