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    15 Of The Most WTF Facts About Serial Killers

    They're hiding in plain sight.

    1. Ted Bundy saved a child from drowning.

    State Archives of Florida /

    Yes, that's right, a serial killer actually saved a life. That wasn't even his only upstanding act; Bundy got a commendation from the Seattle Police Department for chasing down a purse thief.

    His crimes: Bundy confessed to 30 murders, though authorities suspect there may be more.

    2. Jeffrey Dahmer pulled so many weird pranks in high school his classmates dubbed it "doing a Dahmer."

    Eugene Garcia / Getty Images

    In light of his legacy, "doing a Dahmer" probably has a very different meaning now. Makes it hard to enjoy his yearbook signatures.

    His crimes: Dahmer murdered 17 people and is suspected to have eaten some of them.

    3. John Wayne Gacy shook hands with former First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

    White House photographer /

    When he wasn't painting terrifying clowns or murdering people, Gacy served as a local precinct captain in the local Democratic party.

    His crimes: John Wayne Gacy murdered 33 men aged 14 to 21.

    4. Dennis Rader worked for ADT Security Services, installing home security alarms.

    KWCH /

    Rader worked at ADT for a whopping 14 years, while people were unknowingly letting in the very thing they were probably trying to keep out.

    His crimes: Known as the "BTK (bind, torture, kill) killer", Rader was convicted of murdering 10 people.

    5. Rodney Alcala won The Dating Game.

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    Bachelor No. 2, Jed Mills, said Alcala "was very strange" and that he "had bizarre opinions and a very strange body language and aura." Thankfully, bachelorette Cheryl Bradshaw refused to go on a date with him because she thought he was "creepy."

    His crimes: Alcala is suspected of killing 130 people.

    6. Pedro López was released from a mental hospital on $50 bail.

    The Biography Channel /

    Apparently that's all 110 murders was worth back in 1998. Though López was released, Interpol actually issued a warrant for his arrest in 2002.

    His crimes: López was convicted of murdering "110 young girls" and confessed to another 240.

    7. Robert Lee Yates worked a prison guard in Walla Walla, Washington.

    Bruce Kellman / AP Images

    Oh, the irony. Apart from the murder of 13 prostitutes, Yates had a lot of other achievements, including three meritorious service medals from the army.

    His crimes: Yates was convicted of murdering 13 people.

    8. Kenneth Bianchi actually applied for a job at the Los Angeles Police Department, and even went on some ride alongs in a patrol car.

    Los Angeles Sheriff's Department /

    As one half of the Hillside Strangler duo, Bianchi's "work" was apparently the main part of the conversation in those squad cars.

    His crimes: Bianchi and Angel Buono raped and murdered 10 women.

    9. Chalres Ng enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

    FBI /

    Of course, he's not exactly an upstanding patriot. Ng had to fake documents saying he as born in Indiana to get in, and subsequently stole weapons from the Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe armory.

    His crimes: Along with Leonard Lake, Ng was convicted of murdering 11 people, though authorities suspect the number may be as high as 25.

    10. Marcel Petiot served as a mayor of the town of Villaneuve.

    Keystone / Getty Images

    In between killing patients, Dr. Petiot was removed from office twice during his tenure, but was elected as a local councilor afterwards.

    His crimes: Petiot was convicted of murdering 27 people, though he confessed to killing 63.

    11. Richard Chase believed he could absorb vitamin C through his brain by placing oranges on his head.

    Investigation Discovery /

    Chase was a hypochondriac and felt as though his heart often stopped beating. He seemingly counteracted this with vampirism, and initially injected himself with rabbit blood before moving on to humans.

    His crimes: Chase shot and killed six people, including raping two post-mortem.

    12. H.H. Holmes was married to three women at the same time.

    Unknown /

    Holmes first married Clara Lovering, then Myrta Belknap, and finally, Georgiana Yoke. Of course, this womanizing murderer married them all under different names to avoid being caught.

    His crimes: Holmes confessed to murdering 27 people in his "murder castle" hotel, though authorities suspect that number is much higher.

    13. John Bodkin Adams would make sure he always had cake while attending his operations.

    AP Images

    This killer doctor wasn't just greedy for food (though apparently he liked his violet creams as well as cake). When one patient prevented him from changing her husband's will to benefit himself, Adams waited until he died and she was incapacitated to steal a 22-carat gold pencil.

    His crimes: Dr. Adams was suspected of ending the lives of 200 patients.

    14. Joe Ball fed stray animals to the alligators in his Sociable Inn.

    John Hitchmough /

    This of course led people to suspect that he was turning his human victims into alligator food too. But his accomplice Clifton Wheeler only revealed two bodies — one in a barrel and one buried in the sand.

    His crimes: Ball was suspected of murdering two women, though he shot himself before he could be taken into custody.

    15. Ottis Toole's grandmother was allegedly a Satanist who took him out to dig graves for rituals.

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    With an upbringing like that, it's no wonder that Henry Lee Lucas, another serial killer and his suspected partner, dubbed Toole "the worstest killer in the world."

    His crimes: Toole confessed to hundreds of murders, though he was only convicted of five.