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Definitive Proof That Cat Eyeliner Is The Actual Worst

May the wings of your eyeliner always be even.

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1. When you blink but your liner is still wet and leaves a mark on your upper lid.


4. When your hair falls into your face so you brush it back but your eyeliner hasn't dried yet.

5. When you do one eye better than the other...

9. When you extend the wing a little too far and it just... falls apart.

10. When you think you did the wings juuuuuuuust right but then you see yourself from a different angle.

11. When you can never get the top edge to be smooth. LIKE EVER.

13. When you just want to make the line a little thicker, but then it's too thick, so you stop and end up with this.

14. When starting over feels like failure so you keep making it bigger and bigger...

#eyelinerproblems it just gets bigger and bigger cause you don't want to erase & start again. -___- #TheStruggle

15. ... aaaaaand you end up with panda eye instead.

16. When you think you've finally perfected the line and then your eyeliner JUST FUCKING DISAPPEARS.

17. When you actually get it right but you've totally ruined your outfit in the process.