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21 Feelings You Experience When Your Fave Band Member Gets A Girlfriend

She's infringing on your imaginary territory.

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2. Compulsively checking his tagged pictures to see if he pops up on her Instagram.

This is just a friendly peck, right?

3. Crying in horror when you finally see her appear on HIS Instagram!

Until they post pictures of their wedding, you've still got a shot.


10. Envying their magical moments.

But at least you know where they are now. If you get in your car right now, you might be able to find him and profess your love.

11. Sobbing over their adorable vacation photos.

Hopefully she forgets her passport and they don't let her back in to the country.

12. Leaving passive-aggressive comments on her photos of him.

"Um, you really shouldn't be bothering him while he's performing, he's there for the FANS."


13. Printing out their Instagram pics and setting them ablaze in a ritual bonfire.

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Maybe if you destroy their pictures you'll destroy their relationship.

14. Seething when you see this fame-hungry chick embedding herself in their music videos.

Fueled By Ramen

Great, now when he serenades you with this song on your wedding day you won't be able to stop picturing her face.


17. Restraining the urge to vomit at the sight of their love-dovey videos.

She's making him get up and come to her? How selfish. You'd never be that heartless.

18. Hardcore judging every single one of her outfits.

That's totally not chic and sophisticated. Nope. Not at all.

20. Realizing that she's actually pretty cool.

You have been dressing like her for the past month.

21. And finally, acceptance... until the cycle repeats with your next favorite band member.