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18 Lol-Worthy Tumblr Posts About Books

BAE: Books Are Everything

1. This DEEP AF realization:

2. These 100% accurate truths about reading:

3. This proof that evidently nothing is sacred:

4. This excellent idea that needs to be a real invention ASAP:

5. This person who maybe loves books a little too much:

6. This poignant thought that every high-schooler should be forced to read:

7. This moment everyone goes through trying to resist the urge to sneak a peek:

8. This challenge that every book nerd is up for:

9. This feeling when you just want some fucking alone time with your true love:

10. That REAL AF moment you have after reading Animal Farm:

11. This poor soul who had no idea what they were getting into:

12. This struggle every time an old favorite begs you to come back:

13. This piece of garbage person who is also sort of a genius:

14. This problem every avid reader faces:

15. This post that is gonna make you reconsider everything:

16. This book that needs to be written immediately:

17. This proof that even though you love books, not all of them are great:

18. And finally, this explanation for our universe that you should accept as reality: