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Let's Take A Second To Talk About How Flawless Pretty Yende Is

No, there are no "Pretty is pretty" jokes in this post, even though she is.

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Don't know her? Well you should. She's an incredible South African soprano. Just look at her slay as Countess Adèle in Le Comte Ory.

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Now that you know she has pipes, you should also know that she's FIERCE AS FUCK.

Just look at her casually layin' on some music like the gorgeous diva she is.

She is also a selfie QUEEN.

Some people are insanely talented and some people are crazy beautiful. She is BOTH.

Shhh... she's singing circles around you.

Her version of "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story is incredible.

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She's not afraid to serve you some serious face.

But if you're lucky, she'll grace you with her radiant smile.

And you can further bless your ears by listening to her version of "Frühlingsstimmen." Can your favs sing like that? No. They can't.

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Whether she's in costume on stage...

...or all dolled up for a magazine...

...she is the rising opera star you need in your life.

So just take a minute to consider how lucky you are to breathe the same air as this magnificent soprano.

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