18 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For People Who Shed A Lot

    Shed hair, don't care.

    1. If hair was money, shedders would be flush with cash.

    2. Simple tasks like brushing your hair require a cleaning crew.

    3. Your sink becomes a kind of cemetery for fallen strands. May they rest in peace.

    4. And let's not even get into the number of vacuums you've ruined.

    5. All this poor machine wanted to do was help and now it's DEAD.

    6. So now you're stuck lint-rolling the floor like a god damn fool.

    7. Your friends don't seem to love the fact that you leave little gifts every time you come over.

    8. But all the hairs are just little reminders of where you've been... in your own room.

    9. Shedding is actually a great way to force people to remember you.

    10. And then you have to hang your head in shame and tell them that, no, you don't have pets, this is allllll from you.

    11. Your clothes are COVERED in hair and people wonder if you have a dog.

    12. You're pretty sure your hair is getting more action than you.

    13. Honestly you could probably make a pet friend out of your lost hair.

    14. At least once a week your hairbrush births this weird hair sponge thing.

    15. And the ones that don't stay on your brush are out there having adventures with you.

    16. Oh, and the shower. Let's not even get started on the FUCKING SHOWER.

    17. You've definitely tried to create art on the shower wall with your hair.

    18. And finally, we all know shedding in general sucks a lot. But NOTHING is worse than this.