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26 People Who Prove You Can Wear Cargo Shorts And Still Look Good

Spoiler alert: they can look fierce.

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OK, we know cargo shorts have come under fire recently, but we're here to prove the masses wrong. Cargo shorts can look ~fashion~ too, and it's time to embrace them!

1. Just look at this lady who's serving some midriff with her shorts.

2. This guy who makes his shorts totally hip.

3. This gal who can easily store all her Target purchases now!

4. This dude who's just out for a fierce stroll.

5. This guy who's laughing in the face of people who judge him.

6. This bro who's into sweet florals and practicality.

7. This guy who's going to WERK in his cargo shorts.

8. This guy who's looking for a fuck to give about what you think.

9. This woman who's looking comfortably chic.

10. This fella who's keepin' it cool in his cargo shorts.

11. This guy who paired with plaid to look like a prince.

12. This dude who's totally rockin' his camo shorts.

13. This guy who's over all the cargo shorts haters.

14. This man who's really feelin' his fashion.

15. This guy who proves you can do ANYTHING in cargo shorts.

16. This boy who just had to stop and take a selfie of his flawless look.

17. This man who managed to upgrade his cargo shorts with a sexy animal print.

18. This guy who's too fierce to care what you think of his cargo shorts.

19. This lady who knows Mr. Rogers would approve of her look.

20. This man who's looking ultra-stylish with a striped background.

21. This girl whose dog is slayed by how trendy she looks.

22. This incredibly hip guy who paired his cargo shorts with a bucket hat.

23. This man who's at peace with how fly he looks.

24. This guy who makes cargo shorts classy.

25. This totally retro rocker.

26. And finally, this cargo short cutie.

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