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Can You Get 75% On This Makeup Knowledge Test?

Can your beauty-lovin' brain pass?

  1. Who is this?
  2. Which of these brands does Sephora carry?

  3. What is this?

    e.l.f. /
  4. Who has never had their own makeup line?

  5. Which of these is NOT a Kylie lip kit shade?
  6. Who has never been a spokesperson for Covergirl?

  7. Which Urban Decay Naked palette is this?

    Urban Decay /
  8. What's NOT a good false eyelash trick?

  9. Who makes "They're Real" mascara?

    Ivy Rode Extra /
  10. What's this palette for?

    stila /
  11. Which of these isn't a MAC lipstick shade?

    MAC /
  12. When should you replace your beautyblender?

    beautyblender /