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22 Mannequins Who Are Definitely Plotting To Overthrow The Human Race

These fake people are out to destroy us.

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1. These vile creatures who''ll replace your own kids while you're sleeping.

2. This shifty mannequin who wants you to look over *there* while he concocts his doomsday plans.

3. This demure lady mannequin who'll gladly extinguish humanity.

4. This happy mannequin family dedicated to repopulating the earth once we're gone.

5. This armless gal who's just chillin' in your trash, hoping to dig up your personal information.

6. This demonic mannequin who could literally bite your head off. Seriously, his mouth is huge.

7. This wicked dude who's waiting for the anvil to drop on you.

8. This changeling who's been following you around for months.

9. This deer-mannequin hybrid that proves they've figured out genetic modification.

10. This milky-eyed child demon.

logan hicks / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: loganhicks

11. This evil dame who knows to keep her enemies close.

12. These fiends who know how to lull you into a false sense of security.

Tobias Sjösten / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: tobiassjosten

13. This cross-eyed brute who has a special surprise for you in his neck hole.

St. Murse / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: saintmurse

14. This terrible succubus who'll end you with those razor-sharp cheekbones.

Urban Combing (Ultrastar175g) / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: paradisecircus

15. This mannequin who's trying to infect you with his plastic diseases.

16. This long-faced witch who's ready to watch you die.

17. This handsome couple who's just oh-so-delighted about your demise.

18. These mall specters capable of unknown forms of torture.

19. This cobra-necked devil.

20. This small beast who will definitely try to lick you with his jagged, broken tongue.

21. This mannequin that's parading as a dead woman to gain your sympathy.

22. And finally, this mannequin woman serving you FACE and also DEBILITATING NIGHT TERRORS.

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