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28 Ladies Who Perfected Split-Dyed Hair

Your new hair-oines.

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1. This girl who chose two exquisite tones instead of one.

2. This lady who can't stop touching her gorgeous locks.

3. This honey with contrasting hues.

4. This girl who makes bold choices.

5. This lady who's pretty in pink.

6. This ethereal hair goddess.

7. This brown and blonde beauty.

8. This superstar rockin' pink and black.

10. This girl with peepin' blue bangs.

11. This lovely with natural-toned locks.

12. This lady who's giving you Christmas joy all year round.

13. This cool-hued darling.

15. This woman who's serving you sultry face.

16. This two-toned rock star.

17. This elegant lady in light blue and black.

18. This woman who's making the baby behind her jealous.

19. This stunning hair heroine.

20. This soft-curled cutie.

21. This girl and her marvelous neon mane.

22. This blonde and black babe.

23. This vivacious hair vixen.

24. This multi-colored maven.

25. This girl whose hair is on fire.

26. This dual-colored dazzler.

27. This girl with a stunning split.

28. And, this bow-dacious beauty.

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