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21 Times Tumblr Was So On Point About Music

"My taste in music ranges from 'you need to listen to this' to 'please don't judge me.'"

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1. This person who's taking vague music to a whole new level:

2. This person who did what we would all do in that situation:

3. This very accurate title:

4. This important question that needed to be asked:

5. This reason to never get a lyric tattoo:

6. This fairly accurate representation of everyone's musical taste:

7. This hot take on Lana Del Rey's aesthetic:

8. This wonderful endorsement for acquiring music outside of iTunes:

9. This person who's really upset about not being able to read "cabbage."

10. This inventive reimagining of Beatles' songs:

11. This truth about how we all hear "Lose Yourself":

12. This proper assessment of the lyrics to "Happy":

13. This dilemma that humanity needs to resolve:

14. This takedown of MTV's current programming:

15. This insight into early musical education:

16. This seamless transition from Drake lyrics to New Year's resolutions:

17. This devastating realization about the future of our country's security:

18. This moment when you can't help but love questionable songs:

19. This hilarious search result for "that one song":

20. This amazing summary of the strangeness of holiday songs:

21. And finally, the only musical moods literally everyone has:

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