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FYI Kendall Jenner's Not The Only One With Super Cute Heart Hair

Love is in the hair.

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You've probably seen Kendall Jenner's infamous heart hair Instagram.

It's also currently the most-liked picture on Instagram!

1. But have you seen these other adorable heart hair pics?

2. It's seriously the cutest Instagram hair trend ever.

3. Like this redheaded heart hair.

5. And these are the happiest blue hearts you'll ever see!

6. *Sigh* it's just so adorable!

7. Why not try cute pink hearts?

8. These little braid balloon hearts will kill you with cuteness.

9. Grass makes for a perfect background.

10. Whether you've got one heart...

13. And you can always make your heart extra pretty with flowers.

14. You could wait 'til fall for a more ~autumnal~ look.

15. Or spread your hair in the sand like a real beach beauty!

16. Then again, your bed's probably more comfortable.

17. But a wood floor can really make those hearts pop!

18. You can say "I love you" and "fuck you" at the same time!

19. If your hair's not super long, let your forehead be your canvas.

20. To reach a new level of lovely, add a BFF!

22. You and your hair bestie could dominate Instagram together.

23. Sometimes one heart is the way to go for maximum charm.

24. Like this tiny ombre heart.

25. Or this girl who wore an appropriate sweater.

26. Or this gal and her beautiful braid heart.

28. Just splay your hair out...

29. ... and let the love take over.

31. And if you're REALLY talented, you can try a heart-tipped mohawk.

32. Seriously, this trend is too cute not to try.

33. Now that you've seen so many gorgeous examples of heart hair...

34. ... Get out there and create your own!

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